The Groundskeeper

In the town of Lakeview, there are two kinds of people: billionaires and the people who serve them.

Me, I’m the groundskeeper. I work for the media mogul Mr. Grant. I mow his lawn, I trim his hedges, I sweep his tennis courts and clean his pool. And before this quarantine is over, I’m stealing his wife.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a real marriage—she’s as much an employee as I am. She’s trapped in an arrangement against her will and doesn’t know her own strength to break free. But when our secret game goes a little too far, all of that will change.

Lines will be crossed. Rules will be broken. Limits will be stretched and her deepest needs will be filled.

When the dust settles, I’ll be the one waking up with Anna’s curvy body in my arms.

And Mr. Grant? He’ll be the one cleaning the pool.

The Groundskeeper is an erotic romance novella with an exceptionally well-endowed groundskeeper in his twenties, a woman in her thirties rediscovering her strength, and the happiest of HEAs.

This story is currently available on Amazon (Kindle Unlimited) but will be available at a variety of retailers on April 5th.

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